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Welcome to the Morley Safer Award submission system.

The jury seeks stories that embody Morley Safer’s commitment to original reporting grounded in historical context and informed perspective.

Among the criteria, jurors will select stories that reflect Safer’s distinctive strengths as a reporter:

  • An overlooked story or a familiar story presented from a fresh perspective
  • An illuminating profile of a person or place that offers unexpected insights
  • In-depth investigation, regardless of risk
  • Approachable storytelling about complex issues
  • Meticulous and compelling use of language

Important Dates

  • Entries will be accepted between January 14, 2019 – midnight CST on February 28, 2019.
  • Judging will occur in April, 2019.
  • The honoree will be notified in May, 2019.
  • The Morley Safer Award presentation will be held at a luncheon in Manhattan in the fall of 2019.


  • Open to United States or Canadian news media: print, broadcast, radio or digital.
  • Published, broadcast or posted between January 1, and December 31, of 2018.

How to Submit

  • Candidates for the Morley Safer Award may submit their work directly online beginning January 14, 2019, through midnight on February 28, 2019. Select 'Self-Nominate' under Enter on the Menu above to submit your entry.
  • Candidates may also be suggested by a member of the Morley Safer Award Panel of Nominators composed of journalists from multiple news platforms. Nominees will be contacted by Morley Safer Award staff to complete their submission. If you received a notice that you have been nominated, please complete your entry by selecting 'Nominee' under Enter on the menu above.

What to Submit

  • A single news story or series of news stories
  • If the story involved continuing coverage, applicants may submit one file comprised of extensive excerpts, which best represent the evolution of the story.
  • A brief statement describing how your story meets the selection criteria.
  • Self-nominees should include an entrance fee of $100, payable via major credit card in the submission system to complete their entry. Candidates who have been nominated by a member of the Panel of Nominators will have their entry fee waived. A nominee's entry will be complete once the nominator submits the letter of recommendation.
  • Your statement, media materials, and entry fees are all submitted online through the Morley Safer Award submission system. Media files must be uploaded directly to the submission portal for consideration. 

Technical Requirements for Materials

  • Video: MP4 – 1080p SD or HD, H.264 preferred
  • Audio: MP3 – Stereo or Mono
  • Images: PNG (preferred), JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIF/TIFF
  • Please submit written materials in 12-point Times New Roman or similar font.
  • Individual files up to 25 MB each will be accepted. Please be aware that it may take some time for the file to upload, especially if you are on an internet connection with limited bandwidth such as public wifi.
  • Files must be uploaded individually. Your application can only be open in one location; opening it in other locations to add additional files will cause only one instance to save, leading to errors and loss of work. Zipped files and Watermark files are not accepted.
  • Producing individuals and network/platform companies should consult each other prior to submission to avoid duplicating entries. Duplicate entries will be considered once. There will be no refund of fees.

The Award

  • The recipient of the Morley Safer Award will be presented with a commemorative gift and an honorarium of $5,000 at a luncheon held in Manhattan in the fall of 2019.
  • Travel and hotel expenses for the honoree to attend the event will be provided. Morley Safer Award staff will contact the honoree regarding travel arrangements.
  • The recipient will also be invited to share his or her professional experiences with students of The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Journalism.